Interiors inspired by nature are getting more and more fashionable. FOX DEKORATOR constantly follows trends in interior design, so the latest products released are decorative effects with natural but at the same time unique and elegant finish.


Natural decorative moss is a popular interior design element – beautiful, natural, charming and does not require special care, but this type of decoration is very expensive and requires experience in application.

FOX DEKORATOR meets expectations of clients and introduces Decorative Moss which is looking good right after application and does not require specific maintenance. Moreover, it has high mechanical strength, application is easy and convenient and glass microspheres contained in product are safe for users as well as for natural environment.

Decorative moss is composed of two matching shades of green imitating natural moss. Set contains pigment – Chocolate bar, for staining of Bonding Primer which makes your wall look like natural reindeer moss.

Another interesting option is Black Obsidian - plaster containing natural aggregate in deep black shade. Brings elegance and modern sophisticated style. Appropriately illuminated reflects light under various angles and shines with mysterious glow. Wall covered with Black Obsidian would convince even investors who would not imagine having black wall in their house. This unique, elegant decoration is perfect as a small interior element.

The last but not least is Sea Salt - selected blend of white aggregates with effect of naturally depositing minerals. Forms slightly raw and subtle effect with delicate shimmering. This semi-transparent material is perfect for use on illuminated panels or in a form of stained glass complementing openwork decorations. Moreover, Sea Salt can be coloured – combination of two or more colours, forming slight colour transition that resembles sedimentary rocks. Sea Salt is perfect not only for individual houses or offices but also any type of SPA, salt caves or hotel pools. Product, as well as all above, does not contain crystalline silica (SiO2) so is safe for environment.

Opinion of contractor – Paweł Mularczyk:

Recently I have received samples of Decorative Moss and Black Obsidian for tests on a large area. I was afraid to work with these products, because they look fantastic and I was wondering if I can handle this task. It turned out that my doubts were unreasonable. Black Obsidian is easy and convenient to apply. It should be applied in one layer and smoothened, open time is very long – it is hard to spoil the effect.

Moss is more difficult, because it should be applied in 2-3 coats. First one forms background underneath decoration, then material should be added at some spots, combine both colours in order to obtain realistic version of moss. I can honestly recommend new effects – they are impressive and capture customer`s attention.


By snscyprus | Mon 13th July 2020

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