We have an absolute hit! An innovation that none has, an innovation which can change the market of tiling – C2TE S2 Adhesive for Tiles with Function of WATERPROOFING – ATLAS PLUS S2 HYDROOne product with two functions based on three unique technologies: POLYMER TECHNOLOGY, DOUBLE FIBERS TECHNOLOGY and TECHNOLOGY OF MODIFIED RUBBER ELASTOMER FILLERS. Easier and quicker application, lower labour costs, comprehensive solution.


ATLAS PLUS S2 HYDRO can be applied in three forms:

- as an adhesive for tiles,

- as an adhesive and waterproofing coat in one technological cycle,

- as a waterproofing coat.

ATLAS PLUS S2 HYDRO brings an unique solution:

  • for ceramic, porcelain-gres tiles, graphite sinters, “slim” cladding, natural stone, composite panels
  • for terraces, balconies, façades, bathrooms, linear drains, kitchens
  • for critical substrates e.g. metal, OSB boards, old tiles, floor heating, waterproofing coats
  • one product – complex solution: 2 in 1 – S2 class adhesive and waterproofing coat
  • application in one technological cycle
  • cracks bridging up to 0.8 mm
  • possible application in combination with terrace profiles and sealing tapes

What is more - The product conforms to the standards on both adhesive for tiles and waterproofing.

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Foil bag 15 kg

Pallet: 54 bags


Shelf life: 15 months


By snscyprus | Tue 14th July 2020

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